Friday, April 30, 2010

Info Regarding ordering Innerwish's and Ragenheart's new CD's

Many people request info regarding two noticable releases that were announced through this blog, so here we are again to make things simpler and easier for you!

Innerwish's "No Turning Back" is available for pre-order through Ulterium Records' shop. Price is 15.00$ without shipping rates. No checkout is needed, if you have a paypal id !! All you need is to follow this link:

Ragenheart's self-titled debut CD is already out. You can buy it it now via through Metal On Metal's shop! It comes in two editions: Regular Cd case and Special Tin Case Edition. Price for regular case is 14 Euro and Special Tin Case Edition costs 18.50 Euro (all above prices include postage + shipping rates worldwide). Here's the link:

Support the bands by ordering their releases!

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