Friday, May 14, 2010

OSV - Chapter Three CD review

OSV – Chapter Three CD (Independent Release) 
The long-awaited third strike from this highly-talented project is out and it managed to exceed my expectations! Steve Sexton, bassist extraordinaire and Garry Oppert, the octopus-drummer have gathered again the cream of the crop and released a fine CD, full of unique musical ideas.
 “Chapter Three” features again a solid amalgam of talented guitarists, with the renowned Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged, Pre-Lemur Voice etc.) on top of them. OSV’s latest project includes fine guitar works from skillful guitarists like Achilleas Diamantis, Gianluca Ferro, Borge Olsen, Jonas Tamas and Phi Yaan-Zek. The musical project welcomes also multi-talented Russian keyboard player Sergey Boykov, member of the Estonian/Latvian band Shadow Cry. Sergey’s lines are proving that the music world will enjoy  the birth of a new keyboard hero, with some fine melodic arrangements that re-arrange the leading use of keyboards in a band. I was so happy to witness that Sergey contributes some fine keyboard solos in the songs (check out “Perilous Premonitions” and “Strategic Alliance” as a fine example) en route to a leading part in this experimental band. Don’t miss one of the finest keyboardists you’ve listened to lately!
“Chapter Three” is enjoyable from beginning to the end; “Timeless” is definitely a grand pick, while the all-star song “Rhyme Of Reason”, featuring solos from five guitarists, except Marcel, showcases the endless quality that this project has. A-class progressive music, with fusion/experimental musical parts, eastern musical influences (“Seven Times Seventy” is grandiose!), combined with catchy riffs and melody, stuck me on the wall once again! I want to highlight something I will never stop believing: instrumental music should be accepted from all fans since it creates equal emotions, compared to music with vocals. Let yourself free, remove any musical clichés that you might have and enjoy this album to the max. Maybe the best of all OSV releases so far and once again congratulations to Sexton and Oppert for the courage and “mental bravery” to walk against the typical musical paths! You can buy the Cd via . You can also download OSV’s stuff via iTunes. Band’s mySpace profile: . OSV's facebook profile

Dimitris Starakis

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