Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wrath Of Wolves – The Obstreperous Dragon Demo review

Wrath Of Wolves – The Obstreperous Dragon Demo

Definitely a name for a Black Metal-oriented band! But that's half the truth! Well, this project was formed when Blackstorm witnessed the decline of Black Metal in 2005 and fortunately guitarist Antony Storm decided to follow a more qualitative direction by composing skillful music with progressive and Neo-classical elements. What I got from the band is a four-track demo with inspiring moments, deeply influenced by Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth and the great pioneers of the scene! In the band's forthcoimng album, Derek Sherinian will contribute the keyboard parts as a session musician, while current Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force’s drummer Patrick Johansson will be also invited to torture his drum leathers. All four songs are fast-pasted tracks, with precisely executed parts and crystal clear performance from Mr. Antony something that will not pass unnoticed from all Neo-classical Metal aficionados! Shining arpeggios mix with galloping rhythms and memorable riffs showcase the great abilities and many promises that this project reveals. The band is also ready to enter the studio in order to record their debut full length with the above mentioned guests, so stay tuned for some major updates from the band’s camp! Check their mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

Monday, January 14, 2008

White Witch – Never Dies The Dream… CD review

White Witch – Never Dies The Dream... CD (Independent Release)
I delayed the review of White Witch’s third effort that was released right before the end of 2007, but that happened to some obligatory circumstances that I could not overpass. I expected the follow up to “The Power” with great anticipation and I was pleasantly surprised to witness a nice starter like the song “Slaughter In Salem” is: Powerful and catchy so my appetite for the rest of the album was growing. The duet “Singleman” and “Game That I Play” however pulled my break, they were it was too commercial for my ears, while “Prince of Darkness” was in the same vein, but I enjoyed most its chorus. But since i trusted this band in their previous album, I somehow felt that they would not let me down! “Underneath The Lights” is the song that White Witch knows how to create and turn the power up. That’s the style of the band that I enjoy again and again: Decent Hard Rock, with wonderful chorus and guitars that stuck in your mind! Uncle Jeff’s performance in that song and the way that sings is what really appeals to me! “The Seed” is mid-tempo track with an atmosphere close to the first era of Black Sabbath when the song begins. This is the song also tha carries the guitar parts that gave White Witch that specific trademark which makes them special! “Street Corner Madness” is the most powerful song of the CD and definitely my pick! I think White Witch saved the best for last and really offered us a great dynamite! The third album of the band showcases once again their talent and if they manage to be careful with the production and with some Rock N’ Roll songs that reduces their might (guys, the style that fits you lies in “Street Corner Madness”), then their 4rd CD might give them also their first record contract! Contact the band for more info at: . Their mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis