Saturday, January 29, 2011

Livesay - Awaken The Giant CD review

Livesay - Awaken The Giant CD (Shredguy Records)
Now this was the big surprise of 2010! I am familiar with Livesay’s previous releases, beginning from the album “Under The Table“ (released on tape format) until the “Darkest Hour” CD. To be honest, Gregg’s albums were missing some grandiose tunes that would establish him as an important composer. But in “Awaken The Giant” things have rapidly changed. A spectacular CD indeed, featuring 8 songs that will definitely satisfy every fan of guitar-driven Hard Rock/Metal music. Gregg delivers two amazing instrumental tracks on the album entitled “Aphasia” and “Dance Of the Egyptian King” and showcases his devotion to Neoclassical Metal music, combined with many eastern influences. It is pure pleasure to listen to such a fine guitarist, in times where virtuosos are still handled as “egomaniacs” from some narrow-minded critics and fans.
Including songs like the bombastic “Tower Of Silence” with a storming riff that bursts into the song and transforms it to a metallic hymn, the splendid  tribute to the unforgettable eastern-influenced tracks “Flesh & Blood”, to the ABSOLUTE Mega Opus titled “The Agonist” (a 12-minute hymn which fairly earns the title of the “Song Of The Year”!), Livesay’s latest effort should receive worldwide success. Featuring singer Dean Sternberg(ex Into Eternity, Toby Knapp) which does a fine job, the band shouts that qualitative and inspiring Metal music is not dead! My enthusiasm is surely intense, since I feel so pleased to listen to this CD again and again!
I believe that “Awaken The Giant” is by far the heaviest and most wonderful Livesay release and I hope that Gregg will continue to compose songs in this very favorite style of mine.
Do not neglect this CD by any means. It is one of the greatest albums of 2010 and a resurrection of a band that has a lot to contribute to the scene! You can buy the album here. Livesay’s mySpace and facebook page.
Dimitris Starakis