Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yakamashii – 4 song promo CD review

Yakamashii – 4 song promo CD (Independent Release)

If you are searching for undiscovered bands that come from overseas, then the quest can be hard, long and sometimes unsuccessful. I had this feeling when I first heard about "Kai Hernando", a virtuoso from Singapore who was extremely talented and had already released some stuff. I started searching for Kai's works but I couldn't find a decent sample of his work! Finally and, after thanking God for mySpace, I was able to contact a band named Yakamashii. Yakamashii was really kind enough to send me their first two albums, entitled "Insomnia" and "Durjana". "Insomnia" was released on 2001 and "Durjana" 4 years later. The band's style can be characterized as raw-sounding Power Metal with Neoclassical metal elements, when time comes for Amy to contribute his blistering solos. I truly admire his style of playing, since it gives the band the necessary amount of melody in order to create a worth-mentioning style. Lately, Yakamashii (which means 'noisy' in Japanese) released a four track promo CD in their struggle to break the boundaries of Singapore and expand their reputation abroad. The CD begins with "Kau Tak Peduli" a Power Metal song with melodic chorus and Amy's brilliant solo to make the difference once again! "Epik Wira Rimba" is a technical Thrash song, while "Azab" once again is full of powerful riffing and wonderful guitar melodies. The promo CD ends with the song "Fight" (featuring English lyrics), my favorite Yakamashii song, which includes a fantastic riff (Amy is a true virtuoso) and is ideal for the band's musical style. If Yakamashii improve in the vocal section, then I am pretty sure that they will create some quite memorable albums. I fully support Amy's musical ideas and I am sure that in the near future, this talented guitarist will increase his worldwide fans. Contact the band and obtain their promo CD! Band's profile: http://www.myspace.com/yakablast

Dimitris Starakis

Monday, December 22, 2008

Zyphoyd – Prelude to The Storm Demo review

Zyphoyd – Prelude to The Storm Demo CD

It’s been a long time since I last met a dual-guitar attack project and Zyphoyd really caught my attention since the very beginning. I was a listener through their mySpace profile and was able to witness how the band progressed in terms of composing songs. Finally, their first instrumental demo is out and I am definitely pleased from the final result. Glen Sambrook and Kieran Larkey from New South Wales, Australia are two gifted guitar players and composers, if you can understand the true meaning of these words. The band’s style is really diverse and this fact gives the listener an enjoyable effort with the lack of dull moments. From the storming opening song to the deeply emotional “Key of Destiny”, Zyphoyd prove that qualitative instrumental music is here and can surely have a place in every metal fan’s discography. Their enthusiasm is obvious and I am sure that both can also compose even more interesting songs in the near future. If you enjoy Progressive instrumental music with Neo-classical and Eastern influences, then Zyphoyd is the latest hot name in the scene! Well done guys, we need your music. Always believe in your talent! Band’s mySpace profile: http://www.myspace.com/zyphoyd

Dimitris Starakis

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Storrmbringer - Promo 2008 review

Storrmbringer – Promo 2008

The young quartet from Volos considers themselves as disciples of pure Epic Heavy Metal and, judging from their three songs that appear on this promo, there are fairly right! Storrmbringer was formed in 2006 and this promo is the appetizer before the release of their debut album entitled “Among The Flames Of War”. The band already signed a contract with Eat Metal Records and the CD will be out in 2009. You can surely expect some well-performed Heavy Metal from these youngsters since their razor-sharp riffs and the high-pitched voice serve well their musical beliefs. “Return Of The Avenger” showcases an intense Iron Maiden influence on the main riff, while “Stormbringer” is a fast-paced Metal track. “Heathen Cry”, with its mid-tempo opening rhythm and the pounding main part could be easily considered as the band’s “concert trademark”. It’s nice to witness the enthusiasm of young bands, while they perform their favorite music. I believe that all fans of pure Heavy Metal will place Storrmbringer among their favorite newcomer groups and I am sure that their first CD will include even more noticeable moments of our favorite music! Band’s mySpace profile:

Dimitris Starakis

Friday, December 12, 2008

Koichi Hayakawa (2008 Remastered Edition) Digital Release review

Koichi Hayakawa (2008 Remastered Edition) Digital Release

I have got this effort before from cdbaby.com in CD format, but Koichi decided to remaster and re-release it again as a digital release only. Koichi comes from the land of the Rising Sun. He has been playing the guitar for over 25 years now, and he was already teaching guitar and music composition since the age of 17.
His newest digital release is like a mini-best of effort from his previous single release and gives the opportunity to every fan of instrumental music to enjoy his qualitative playing. Koichi plays marvellous instrumental music with really inspiring riffs! Koichi’s style includes neo-classical elements, but doesn’t remain strictly in the baroque atmosphere. His vibrant sound, combined with various cheerful melodies and shuffle guitar orientation, is a close description of his musical identity. The talent of this wonderful guitarist was not neglected and this was proven from the fact that in 2003 "Speed" became the number one downloaded song in the Instrumental Rock section of MP3.com, followed by "Crush" which became the number one downloaded song in the Instrumental Metal section. His newest remastered edition is now available through itunes, cdbaby.com and amazonmp3 (only for US customers) so I recommend you to give his work a try since Koichi is truly gifted! Koichi’s myspace profile: www.myspace.com/koichihayakawa Official web-site: www.koichi-hayakawa.com
Dimitris Starakis