Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artizan – s/t EP review

Artizan – s/t EP (independent release)
To be honest, this EP can sum up a whole theory on modern Metal music: Minimalistic approach can be intuitive yet refreshing. It’s so encouraging for  the listeners to enjoy three wonderful musical creations of melodic and pompous Power Metal. Artizan showed the world their “manifest”. Drummer Ty Tammeus and vocalist Tom braden, known from their participation in the renowned US Prog metal band Leviathan (during their first EP and Deepest Secrets Beneath” days) really establishes the band’s reputation. Artizan may not follow a definite Progressive route on their musical approach, but focus on catchy songwriting with strong memorable vocal line and riffs. The result is wonderful and all three songs are a pleasure to listen to. Tom’s vocals are strong and contain that distinctive tone that usually follows the guitar line and makes the band’s sound much more solid and focused. I also have to give credit to Jim Morris and his splendid production; the band recorded the song at t Vision Sound, Orange Park, Florida and the mastering was done at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida, USA, so they definitely picked the right option.
The good news also is that the band signed a contract with Pure Steel Records and their debut album is expected to be release in early 2011. So, you can buy their debut EP via their website or via iTunes instead of waiting for the first full-length and really enjoy an extremely promising US metal band!
Dimitris Starakis