Friday, April 30, 2010

Info Regarding ordering Innerwish's and Ragenheart's new CD's

Many people request info regarding two noticable releases that were announced through this blog, so here we are again to make things simpler and easier for you!

Innerwish's "No Turning Back" is available for pre-order through Ulterium Records' shop. Price is 15.00$ without shipping rates. No checkout is needed, if you have a paypal id !! All you need is to follow this link:

Ragenheart's self-titled debut CD is already out. You can buy it it now via through Metal On Metal's shop! It comes in two editions: Regular Cd case and Special Tin Case Edition. Price for regular case is 14 Euro and Special Tin Case Edition costs 18.50 Euro (all above prices include postage + shipping rates worldwide). Here's the link:

Support the bands by ordering their releases!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hedda – The Calm Before… EP review

Hedda – The Calm Before… EP (Independent Release)
If you are a US-Metal addict and you’re desperately looking for your daily dose of Americal Steel, then Hedda came to cover your needs. The band from Wisconsin was formed in 2007 by Bassist Jamie Mac and guitarist Kent Herman and began to compose songs for their debut release. On July 2008, Hedda began recording four songs for their first EP "The Calm Before…" and in 2009 the EP came out revealing to the Underground scene the abilities of the band. From the opening song “Never Yield” the band sends their message: Uncompromising, Us Power Metal with triumphant vocals, solid guitar sound and catchy melodic guitar lines. Another favourite of mine was the most melodic song of the EP, titled “Gypsy’s Kiss”. I am sure that Hedda will built their reputation fast since they have the talent to compose fine songs that continue the important Metal heritage that U.S.A. has established over the years. The band is currently offering a new song for free downloading at the following address: and is working for a full-length album that will come out during 2010. The EP costs 5$ for digital downloading and 5$+plus postage if you want it on CD format. Band’s web-site:
Dimitris Starakis

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ragenheart ready to unleash their debut through Metal On Metal Records

Ragenheart's self titled debut is coming out on April 23, 2010 !

Check out the press release info from their Italian label, metal On Metal Records:

"..and the most recent addition to our roster, Greek RAGENHEART won us over with their superbly played melodic heavy/power metal with some prog metal elements, rooted in hard rock. They had released only 1 demo (in 2006), which garnered enthusiastic reviews from all over the world. Since then they've become a much tighter band and perfected their sound, so the debut album "Ragenheart" offers versatile and passionate music with a usually dark and epic mood, remarkable melodies, fantastic singer with great emotion and range and excellent performance by every musician, topped with clean and solid production. Their music should appeal to fans of CONCEPTION, RAINBOW, MAGNITUDE 9, DIO, EVERGREY, HEIR APPARENT, MYSTIC FORCE, CRIMSON GLORY, WHITESNAKE..."

Fibonacci Sequence – We Three Kings EP review

Fibonacci Sequence – We Three Kings EP
When it comes to instrumental music, I am always fond of bands that create it with passion! And this particular trio from Wisconsin does it with style! This two-song EP came out during Christmas, in order to spread the word for the band’s forthcoming debut, “Numerology” and it showcases clearly their great talent! Even though the compositions are lengthy, the songwriting is inspirational. Melody, musical expression and improvising guitar solos with fire blazing arpeggios that take the listener by storm when the band decides to “turn the electricity on”! I also love the bass work on these two songs, while Michael J. Butzen is a virtuoso guitarist that forces the listener to pay attention to his wonderful playing. Both songs, “We Three Kings” and “Neap Tide” are constantly in my playlist over the last month and it think that they deserve a place in yours too! It is so rare for an instrumental band to compose such wonderful pieces of music without a single dull moment and they made me also to anticipate for their full-length album! If Progressive Metal/Fusion/Improvising instrumental music meets your taste, then Fibonacci Sequence has it all. If you prefer music with vocals, give them a try and will catch yourself changing your beliefs quite soon! Check out their songs at and buy their EP through or download the songs via iTunes.
Dimitris Starakis



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In The Machine Interview and review of the song "Running"

In The Machine - Running (demo version)

How can someone be totally objective when he receives a new recording from one of his favorite singers? Corey Brown, known from his astonishing performances in bands like the unforgettable Psyco Drama and Magnitude 9, Section 16, Metro Society etc. is back again! In The Machine from Colorado is the latest hot name in the Power/Prog scene and they just released their very first song, titled “Running”, which is already on their mySpace profile. The demo version of the song took me by storm, since it’s solid, dark, crunchy and majestic at the same time! Corey is as grandiose as expected, giving a pompous tone to the wonderful song and really makes it a memorable composition. I really cannot wait for their songs to come and of course their debut album! Check their mySpace profile and don’t forget to express your support to their talent. Maybe this is the most anticipated album of 2010!

Dimitris Starakis

I recently contacted the band in order to ask them for an interview and drummer Doug Brown was really kind to answer the questions and let us know more about In The Machine...

Tell me how you decided to form In The Machine?

In The Machine came together last fall. We'd all played together in different bands over the years and have been in the same scene for a long time. We've all been friends for awhile and it seems the planets were aligned for us to finally work together on something! Corey had expressed interest in wanting to do something a little different, and was no longer working with Section 16. The timing seemed right so I made a few calls. Within a few weeks the five of us were playing together and wrote a couple songs on the spot!

Why you chose that particular name?

We spent a good month or so pondering different names, and everyone came to the table with some pretty cool ideas. We really liked the idea of "Machine" because playing together felt like a well oiled machine. Things just seemed to click.

Describe to me your influences.

We have a variety of different influences in this group! Some we all share are Alice in Chains, Queensryche, Faith No More, Sevendust and Kings X.

Corey Brown happens to be one of my favorite singers! How lucky can a band feel to have such a gifted vocalist in its marks?

Corey has an amazing talent and I think we're all very psyched to be working with him! Of course he is an amazing vocalist, but he's also very involved in the songwriting process.

"Running” combines might with melody and it receives already positive feedback from Power/Prog enthusiasts. Have you recorded any other tracks as well?

We're actually in the process of recording the full length album! I believe the plan is to release a couple more tracks via the internet within the next couple months to give the fans some idea of what they can expect.

Are there any offers from record companies to release your songs? Do you also plan to give it a digital release?

Currently we're self producing the album. We're in a unique situation because one of our guitarists Eric Madrid owns and operates EHarmonic studios out here in Colorado. We're very fortunate because we're not under the usual stresses of a typical recording situation. We can focus on doing things the way we feel. We are shopping
the demos around and hope to secure a distribution deal once the full length album is done. We will also release it digitally!
You recently gave your first concert. Have you had any proposals to attend any big metal events?

The first show was amazing! We are in the process of booking some pretty big shows and would love to play some of the metal festivals like Prog Power.

When shall we expect your debut release?

The plan is to have the full length album done by the end of this summer/early fall (2010)

How difficult is it for a Power/Prog band to survive in the metal scene?

I think most Power/Prog fans are some of the most loyal and devoted people I've ever met. When they find something they like they support you and make the effort to come to the shows and buy the albums even if it is something hard to find. That's what keeps it alive. In terms of current trends it can be difficult at times to get the music out there, especially in America. But I think alot of people are starting to come around and some of the newer mainstream bands have progressive elements. Musicianship is starting to be appreciated again.

Which current releases do you listen to nowadays?

I know the band has been listening to the latest Alice In Chains record "Black Gives Way to Blue" quite a bit. I've also been listening to the latest Queensryche album "American Soldier". The latest Kings X album rocks, and I'm looking forward to new Sevendust.
Add anything you may want.
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IAN RINGLER: 12 String Bass

DOUG BROWN: Drums, Vocals

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Innerwish signs with Ulterium Records

Ulterium Records are very proud to announce the signing of the Greek melodic power metal band Innerwish to the label. The bands new album "No turning back" will be released May 28th in Europe and North America. The mixing of the album was done by Fredrik Nordstrφm [In Flames, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir] at Studio Fredman, and mastering was handled by Mika Jussila [Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Stratovarius] at Finnvox Studios.'

"No turning back" track listing:
01. The signs of our lives
02. Chosen one
03 Burning desires
04. No turning back
05. Sirens
06. Save us
07. Last breath
08. Lawmaker
09. Welcome to my world
10 Kingdom of the prime
11. Full of lust
12. Live for my own

Head over to the bands official myspace profile to check out the entire opening-track "The signs of our lives" as well as some more samples from the album:
Innerwish are confirmed to perform at this year's edition of Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, and a tour of Greece is planned for early June.