Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fibonacci Sequence – We Three Kings EP review

Fibonacci Sequence – We Three Kings EP
When it comes to instrumental music, I am always fond of bands that create it with passion! And this particular trio from Wisconsin does it with style! This two-song EP came out during Christmas, in order to spread the word for the band’s forthcoming debut, “Numerology” and it showcases clearly their great talent! Even though the compositions are lengthy, the songwriting is inspirational. Melody, musical expression and improvising guitar solos with fire blazing arpeggios that take the listener by storm when the band decides to “turn the electricity on”! I also love the bass work on these two songs, while Michael J. Butzen is a virtuoso guitarist that forces the listener to pay attention to his wonderful playing. Both songs, “We Three Kings” and “Neap Tide” are constantly in my playlist over the last month and it think that they deserve a place in yours too! It is so rare for an instrumental band to compose such wonderful pieces of music without a single dull moment and they made me also to anticipate for their full-length album! If Progressive Metal/Fusion/Improvising instrumental music meets your taste, then Fibonacci Sequence has it all. If you prefer music with vocals, give them a try and will catch yourself changing your beliefs quite soon! Check out their songs at and buy their EP through or download the songs via iTunes.
Dimitris Starakis



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