Thursday, May 31, 2007

9/6/2007, Greek Metal Festival in Heraclion, Crete, Greece

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Gray Broderick – Mythic Realms CD review

Gray Broderick – Mythic Realms CD (Fossil Records)

Gray is not a novice in the U.S. Underground scene. While picking the guitar at the age of six, he studied hard to develop an advanced guitar technique and he is now considered one of the virtuosos of the Neo-Classical genre in the U.S. scene. While co-operating with many bands including Timejam, Mass Of Virtue, Amethyst, Allegiance, Nyxx, Metal in Action and Final Prophecy, among others. Gray also was constantly working on new musical ideas for his solo project, entitled Mythic Force. Under that name, he released several albums, including “Dark Legions”, “Metal Machine”, “Realms Of Fire”, “Sacred Vision”, “Serenity”, “Mythic Force I”, “Mythic Force II” and “Mythic Force III”. While many of his tracks were also put on, “Mythic Realms” came out in 2000 and is once again a collection of Gray’s ideas which ended up as instrumental songs. Even from a flashy listening, it’s obvious that his deeply focused on executing Neo-classical Metal songs with catchy melodies and quite skilful playing. Another fact which I quite enjoyed is that Gray flirts with Phrygian scales and there’s a strong “ala turca” feeling in many of his songs. One bright example is “Dawn Of The Dragon”, a significantly wonderful track that makes known to people that there’s much hidden quality out there and also notifies that Virtuoso guitarists are not an endangered species any more. “Horizons Of Glory” is another grand opus with a Phrygian-based riff and quite baroque atmosphere, which reveals also Gary’s abilities to compose lengthy tracks with even a dull second. It hard to pick favourite songs from “Mythic Realms”, since it’s an album destined for Neo-classical Metal fans and people who enjoy music with vision, passion and skilled performances.
If someone thinks that Gray’s career is on the end of the line, then he‘s proven wrong, since he’s already preparing his brand new effort! Check his mySpace profile for further updates on his work progress: . Check also his web-site:
Dimitris Starakis

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pandora’s Box – S/t CD review

Pandora’s Box – S/t CD (Independent)

Formed in 2002 by keyboardist Achilleas Mochloulis and guitarist Loukas Avgerinos, Pandoras Box managed to release their first CD 4 years later. While the band suffered from constant line-up changes, they remained is a stable musical style, which is quite lyrical and melodic, with guitars and keyboards mixing and creating a dreamy atmosphere. Passion is vividly reflected in their songs and they try to stay focused on that, instead of composing songs that are “dry” and uninspiring. In the CD, the listener can meet Melodic Power Metal songs like “Into Your Eyes” and “Last Time” but also more Progressive compositions like the instrumental series “White Saga” (the second part is quite impressive!). The band is also experimenting in “Fairy” by adding some folk elements in their music and due to the fact that Giorgo’s voice is quite sentimental, they surely add points to their abilities. One strong example is “Crimes Of Love”, an atmospheric melodic Metal anthem with pompous keyboard parts and acoustic guitars mixing with “electricity”. The result is wonderful and definitely that particular song is the band’s strongest hit. Pandora’s Box, along with Ragenheart represents the “New Wave Of Melodic Metal” in Greece, except that Pandora’s Box also include some Hard Rock and AOR elements to their sound. It’s so nice to meet a band with reflected passion in their songs and I really wish to remain faithful in their style because there are really good in what they do! The band now has a new vocalist and they are working on new material, so check their mySpace profile at:
Dimitris Starakis

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cauldron – Into The Cauldron review

Cauldron – Into The Cauldron mini-CD (Basement Metal)

From the ashes of the Canadian Thrash band Goat Horn, a powerful Metal trio has risen to conquer the Metal World! Cauldron is a Power/Speed Metal trio with high voltage songs and break-neck rhythms that will definitely spread their reputation rapidly. The band recently performed live in “Up The Hammers” festival in Athens and everyone was extremely satisfied after their concert. That means a lot. From the very first notes of “The Striker Strikes”, it’s obvious that the band is full of energy and passion for high-octane Metal. The song has furious speed breaks and its ideal for a concert opener! “Into The Cauldron” is not so fast, but its structure is based into NWOBHM forms (Jason Decay’s voice sounds also pretty “British”). “Restless” is way too melodic for fans of Speed Metal but I have to say that is the song that will definitely become one of the band’s strongest hits. I personally love its melodies! The track which stands last in order is “Torture’s Too Kind” which combines speed with galloping riffs. Once again the vocal lines are catchy, while Ian Killpatrick, the guitarist of the band, contributes some highlighted solos, due to its wonderful performance. He is indeed a musician to notice and, to be honest, you don’t meet easily so skillful players in this genre. I got a bang out of their debut and I am sure that you’ll do also. Visit the band’s mySpace profile: and find out how you can obtain their mini-CD
Dimitris Starakis

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gallows Tree – Two track Demo-CD review

Gallows Tree – Two track Demo-CD

Another Metal band appeared from Larissa, Greece, so once again my sayings are proven right about the city’s rich Metal heritage. Gallows Tree released their first demo during the fall of 2006, in order to express themselves through their favourite music. The opening song titled “Fallen Society” is dark, pompous and really atmospheric, while Damos Harharidis (who was decided to handle the vocals due to the absence of a singer) has a expressive voice which really fits the style of the band. Damos will finally be the band’s lead singer since Thomas from Black Winter is the new guitarist of the band. One thing that I didn’t like is the howling vocals which appear in the song in lead and backing vocal parts. I felt the same thing when I first listened to Adagio’s latest album and I really believe that the band should continue with “clean” vocals in their songs. The second song, “Free Again” is more melodic, with a nice riff and once again a mid-tempo rhythm. No howling vocals appear here this time and I think that the band really showcases its abilities it that particular song. The guys really know, even if they quite young, how to create a dark and heavy atmosphere and I think that this fact add points to their unique identity. I wish them good luck to their following steps since they’ve already started working on new material and I am sure it will be even superior to this one. Visit the band’s mySpace profile and ask them how you can purchase their demo:
Dimitris Starakis

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CHIBI RARI – “Ichimaime” Mini-CD review

CHIBI RARI – “Ichimaime” Mini-CD

Chibi Rari is a young and talented Power Metal band from the land of the rising sun. “Ichimaime” is their first effort and it features the female vocals of Akeno which definitely makes their sound different. Don’t expect any goth-type vocals here; Akeno’s voice is quite clean, deep and melodic and if you are familiar with the Japanese language then you’ll definitely like also her skills. I’m telling this because 99% of the lyrics are written in Japanese, something common for native Japanese bands. The opening track "比翼の眷族" and also "イシスの言霊" are Power/Speed Metal songs with strongly Neo-classical based riffs and they really go right with their style. But it’s not only speed the band’s greatest advantage. "いつか・・・" is quite melodic and sentimental at the same time. If you go through their songwriting, you can realize that Chibi Rari is a band which surely stands to reason in composing memorable and solid tracks in the future. The musicians are quite skillful (I really enjoyed Umihiko’s guitar solos) and since they’re young of age, the future belongs to them! I would only suggest them to start writing songs in English language, because they can surely spread their name outside the Japanese borders. Check their web-site and send them an e-mail to find out who you can obtain their debut:

Dimitris Starakis