Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gallows Tree – Two track Demo-CD review

Gallows Tree – Two track Demo-CD

Another Metal band appeared from Larissa, Greece, so once again my sayings are proven right about the city’s rich Metal heritage. Gallows Tree released their first demo during the fall of 2006, in order to express themselves through their favourite music. The opening song titled “Fallen Society” is dark, pompous and really atmospheric, while Damos Harharidis (who was decided to handle the vocals due to the absence of a singer) has a expressive voice which really fits the style of the band. Damos will finally be the band’s lead singer since Thomas from Black Winter is the new guitarist of the band. One thing that I didn’t like is the howling vocals which appear in the song in lead and backing vocal parts. I felt the same thing when I first listened to Adagio’s latest album and I really believe that the band should continue with “clean” vocals in their songs. The second song, “Free Again” is more melodic, with a nice riff and once again a mid-tempo rhythm. No howling vocals appear here this time and I think that the band really showcases its abilities it that particular song. The guys really know, even if they quite young, how to create a dark and heavy atmosphere and I think that this fact add points to their unique identity. I wish them good luck to their following steps since they’ve already started working on new material and I am sure it will be even superior to this one. Visit the band’s mySpace profile and ask them how you can purchase their demo:
Dimitris Starakis

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