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Eumeria - Rebel Mind CD review

Eumeria - Rebel Mind CD (Independent Release)
If someone is familiar with the name Bobby Williamson, then he knows that we deal here with an album that is destined to become classic!
The keyboard player from the mighty Outworld is back with a new band and I feel lucky to enjoy an album that is simply wonderful.
I still remember the day when I obtained Progpower’s IX showcase CD and listened to the opening track. It was titled “Bobby Williamson - Heirs of Peril” and from that day I consider it to be one of the finest anthems in the modern Power/Prog Metal period!

Eumeria is a fully-talented band. Featuring the always amazing Jonathan Tatum, a british singer who is gifted with a wide and harsh range in his voice, the songs are coloured with his clean and melodic vocal expressions. Along with virtuoso guitarist Reece Fullwood, the band transcends the typical barriers and progresses the Power/Prog Metal genre, adding originality and quality with the debut CD.

Harsh guitar sound that leaves you breathless with the ability to play noticeable solos and riffs, while the atmosphere in the album is pompous, emotional and powerful. Keyboards play the same role in this, without leading or staying on the background.

It is so optimistic to witness a band that doesn’t want to be another copycat of the “dinosaurs” of the genre and is brave enough to show the world its musical identity.

Please allow me not to comment each song separately. I think words are poor enough to make you realise what has been created in this album. The celebration of the human inspiration is traced clearly in Eumeria’s debut.

You will be right if you think that I am quite enthusiastic on this review. I really am. In a time full of bands that follow a certain trend that comes and goes, in a period where inspiration is buried under the ability to execute fluently but omitting at the same time the grand idea that makes music so indestructible, only few musicians can dare and create something special. Well, here you have it.

“Rebel Mind” is truly one of the finest albums of the decade. May you celebrate by supporting this wonderful band that searches for a contract (crazy, isn’t it?) and wish to watch them becoming one of the all-time greatest names of the scene.

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P.S.: Oh, and “Heirs Of Perils” has become “Secret Places” on the CD. How on Earth could someone forget such a fine piece of art? Thank you Bobby for giving back the keyboard sound its strong position in a band!

Dimitris Starakis

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