Thursday, June 2, 2011

In The Machine - S/t CD review

In The Machine - S/t CD (Independent Release)

You could discover behind my flattering words on the band’s debut song “Running” that leaked and made me interview the band (read the article here), an anticipation regarding the release if their debut. Well, one year later I am holding in my hand the very first ITM release and my feelings of joy are intense.

The band that features one of my all-time favorite vocalists, Corey Brown, known from his appearance in the always amazing bands Psyco Drama, Magnitude 9, Section XVI, Balance Of Power, Metro Society and others as well released a debut that contains modern and well-structured songs that draw the listener’s attention. US Prog Metal is so alive and kickin’, especially when it’s performed by so experienced and talented musicians.

Corey’s voice is in really good shape. His expression is still passionate, while its melodic lines are once again so wonderful. His passionate and powerful performance is so intense on the songs “For The Last Time”, “Out Of My Head”, “Bury Me”, Running”, “Never Let Go” compositions that I really cannot stop listening to!

In The Machine is a band I am proud of. Their very first album delivers the music that I am fond of. Dark, passionate, full of diverse emotions. To be honest, this is art. And the artists involved in this project know how to create and even wake the listener’s soul.

Corey and the rest of the gang have finally returned to the scene. And this is a great headline for all the fans of the genre. You can purchase their debut and realise by yourself that qualitative music will never disappear as long as band like ITM are contributing such albums!

The CD is available on iTunes, Zune, and Band’s web-site:

Dimitris Starakis

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