Friday, September 25, 2009

Final Vengeance - …Within The Realm CD review

Final Vengeance - …Within The Realm CD (TMU Records)
First of all and before I review this CD, credits must go to for being on of the most comprehensive web sites for the rich and endless Texan Metal legacy!
This is the anthology from one hell of a Texan Band named Final Assault which was formed in 1985, in Corpus Christi, Texas and released the four track demo “The first Warning” the same year. Azra Records contacted them after the buzz they created and two songs out of that demo were released on picture vinyl two years later. After lots of problems within the band, legendary vocalist Alex Robles (Alexander III), along with guitarist Ruben Vela found the courage to go on and, after recruiting a new line-up, they released the band’s second demo entitled “The Second Coming”. Unfortunately the demo had poor distribution and only a few copies were handed out to local fans.
1988 brought the rise of Vengeance out of the ashes of Final Assault. With a different line-up, but still with the vocal wizard Alexander III under their mark, the band recorded some songs that never came out on any formal official release…until today! “...Within The Realm” includes Final Assault’s “The Second Coming” demo along with five, never released Vengeance tracks and a live track titled “Awaken The Child”, taken from a sound check recording at Stardust Ballroom Ini Corpus Christi, Texas, back in 1989!
This is the true legacy of these two brilliant bands that delivered astonishing Metal, the Texan way! High-pitched vocals and US Power Metal with extended progressive elements, fiery guitar leads and blistering solos from true virtuosos complete the band’s style! I am totally under the Us Metal influence after the listening of songs like “Chemical Sin” and the unbelievable “M.G. III” (astonishing hymn!). The voice really sends you to Metal Heaven and makes you damn yourself for not being there when all the magic happened!
The Vengeance period showcases once again the bands talent and finds them in the Power Metal field, with the expected musical talent that includes killer riffs and, once again, grandiose vocal parts! To be honest, I prefer the Vengeance era, since all of the songs are exceptional! Even the live track “Awaken The Child” is simply a great musical experience! This release is “buy-or-die” for all those who dig deep in the vaults of Metal history. Don’t expect polished sound here, this is raw, intelligent and most of all, ORIGINAL metal! Get info on how to purchase the CD here: Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

Russian Power Metallers Eclipse Hunter reveal upcoming release info

An independent label NewRock Music signed Eclipse Hunter to release their debut album – “ONE” on September, 28th (Russia, CIS & Baltic States). The album was recorded at Black Obelisk studio; mixing and mastering were done by Dmitry Borisenkov (Black Obelisk).
Vladimir Ermakoff (Mechanical Poet, Black Obelisk), Richard Ofsoski (Sedition, Ofsoski), Max Oleynik (Ivan Tsarevich, Anj), Yuri Kondrashov (Melancholy) and Alexey Korovkin (Callisto) also contributed their talents to record this long-awaited album.

Album tracklist:
1. One
2. Freedom
3. I’ll Never Forget
4. Train of Dreams
5. Angel
6. I’m Going Down
7. Lost Symphony
8. Fading
9. Coming Home
10. Awake
11. Eternally

Band's website for further details:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gray Broderick - Realms OF Fire CD review

Gray Broderick – Mythic Realms CD (Mythic Force Records)
I am always delighted when I get to receive efforts from musicians I truly appreciate. “Realms Of Fire” is another instrumental CD that features the wonderful melodies of Gray’s talent. What I always notice in Gray’s works is that the album flows and each and every song has something to add to the listener’s joy! "Realms of Fire" includes a variety of songs, from fast-paced Neoclassical pieces like “Requiem”, “The Castle” and the self-titled track to outstanding emotional tracks like my favourites “Twilight Prelude” and “Golemn”. It so rare nowadays to discover a guitarist that can compose memorable riffs in each and every song he records and Gray is definitely one of the few chosen ones. The dreamy atmosphere that his albums reflect made me a fan of his work and I am sure that the same feeling will also have every person that purchased his albums. I’ve heard from many people that Neoclassical music has become a cliché and the guitarists that follow this style are becoming more and more repeatable. Well, “Realms Of Fire” proves them wrong! Always support musicians that do not follow the current trends and decide not to follow the direction of the “blowing wind”. I strongly encourage Gray to form a band and compose some vocal songs since. I am sure that the final result will be astonishing! You can check his mySpace profile: and find the links where his CD’s are being sold. Gray is also selling his songs through iTunes. His personal web-site:
Dimitris Starakis

Thursday, September 3, 2009

7th Reign – Fallen Empires CD review

7th Reign – Fallen Empires CD (Independent Release)

The ideal outcome for a newcomer band is to show steadily progress on each album that unleashes. 7th Reign managed to reach that goal and revealed to us an outstanding release, destined to become a Power Metal classic! I remember my comments on their debut CD but now I can assure you that this quartet managed to release an even better album! Melodic, pompous powerful and atmospheric Power Metal is served in “Fallen Empires”, with the mighty voice of Brian Soulard delivering some harsh and high-pitched vocal wizardry! My pick in 7th Reign, guitarist Marios Panayiotis is in constant great shape, playing some astonishing riffs and solos in brilliant songs like “7th Reign”, “Betrayed”, and the 10-minute opuses “Deliverance” and “Requiem For The Dead”. I love the Neoclassical attitude that Mario has in his performance, filled also with some Symphonic keyboard parts, something that makes his parts an absolute experience. I strongly believe that “Fallen Empires” is one of the best, if not the best album of 2009, without any single drawback in it! I am not a fortune teller, but I predict that their next album will surely be released under a big record label! Don’t let this CD pass unnoticed, you’ll miss a state-of-the-art! Visit the band’s web-site: and their mySpace profile:

Dimitris Starakis

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Edgend - Newcomer Prog /Power band

if you are into Symphony X, check this talented band and pre-order their album "A New Identity" !