Friday, July 2, 2010

RagenHeart – S/t CD review

RagenHeart – S/t CD (Metal On Metal Records)

Yes, it’s been already almost 4 years since the release of the band’s first demo release titled “In The Name Of God” and time has finally come for this superb band to release its first album. I always distinguish RagenHeart from the average Power Metal bands since they have something special that I really cannot describe it completely. I think it has to do with their music attitude in composing songs that stress emotion, melody and lyricism. Their self-titled debut now prepares the ground for a great career, if they overpass the obstacles that a newcomer band faces in today’s music industry (lack of sources to fund their recordings, poor distribution and a few more). I was from the very beginning obsessed with John Koroneo’s voice: touching, expressive and melodic, plays an important role in the band’s musical structure, while Angel’s fire-blazing guitar work is the band’s trademark. Moreover, RagenHeart compositions ranked them among Greece’s brightest hopes. The album includes re-recorded versions of the tracks featured in their brilliant demo, but also new songs like the opener “Illusion Of Life”, which prepares the ground for the rest of the album. The Eastern music - influenced intro “Winds From The East” and the majestic “Talos” showcase the quality that the Athenian quintet has. “Black Gold” is the darkest RageHeart song and will satisfy the fans that want them with a stronger edge. I also loved the re-recorded songs since the production is better, as expected, with the needed clear and powerful sound. It is really encouraging for the fans not to witness and dull or weak song in a debut, so this is the greatest advantage of this album!

Allow me to feel overwhelmed by the song “Here I Am”. I am pretty sure that if this power ballad was released during the 80’s, it would surely become a huge success. Almost no band can capture the shivering feeling that such a song creates to the listener and I really cannot stop praising this divine musical composition. You should definitely check it for yourselves, since the band rearranged the song and added also a powerful break near its end.

RagenHeart raised our expectations by releasing such a debut. I wish that their follow-up will be out soon. The genre needs bands like this, the brightest hope of the Greek Metal scene.

You can buy RagenHeart’s debut via through Metal On Metal's shop. It comes in two editions: Regular CD case and Special Tin Case Edition. Special tin case Edition includes 2 exclusive photos, plus the booklets of the normal case edition CD, Price for regular case is 14 Euro and Special Tin Case Edition costs 18.50 Euro (all above prices include postage + shipping rates worldwide). Here's the link: Band’s official website and mySpace profile.

Dimitris Starakis

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