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Arryan Path – Terra incognita CD (Pitch Black Records) CD review

Arryan Path – Terra Incognita CD (Pitch Black Records)
I’ve been following Arryan Path’s career since its early stages and I was fortunate to receive their newest album which should be already considered as the band’s highlight. At the same time, I was curious to find out why this band chose this particular name and I asked the singer of the band, Nicholas Leptos, if the band is connected to any racial segregation theories. Nicholas replied back to me immediately, assuring me that Arryan Path has nothing to do with hate doctrines. I was satisfied to know this, since Magic Starlight ’zine is not associated with extremists and does not support racial hate at all.
“Terra Incognita” begins with one of the finest songs ever composed by the band. “Cassiopeia” is a solid and uplifting Power metal tune, featuring, along with Nicholas’ splendid vocal performance, Vagelis Maranis of Sanvoisen fame! The “vocal duel” is a remarkable effort and really places Cassiopeia among the greatest songs that were released in 2010! The album was recorded and mixed at Maranis Studios in Germany and the band manage to feature Vagelis in the song, while they also gave us the opportunity to realize that he is always in great vocal shape.
    Another favorite of mine is “Open Season”: majestic and triumphant, with wonderful chorus, full of glorious emotion, it definitely brings to mind the finest moments of US Power Metal! The self-titled song of the CD incorporates folk elements of Eastern and Greek music, with the outcome being refreshing and interesting. Moreover, it reflects the intention of the band for broaden mind inspirations and experimentation, something which will not keep them stagnant. “Ishtar” is another pick of “Terra Incognita”, with the Eastern music influences being dominant once again. Some other favorite songs of mine are “Elegy” (melodic, vividly emotional and atmospheric again), “Angel With No Destination” (check out the galloping chorus) and “The Mind” (catchy guitar riff and overall a more simplistic song, yet the same interesting as the others). Every time I listen to an album from the beginning to the end without a single pause or skip, I know it’s a good one. Definitely the best effort from the Cypriots…till the next one (this is a prediction, guys don’t let me down)! Order the CD from their label’s website. Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

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