Friday, April 22, 2011

Innosense-Outcast CD review

 Innosense-Outcast CD (Steel Gallery Records)

It is so pleasant to follow a band since its beginning and witness its noticeable innovation.
The readers of Magic Starlight zine will definitely remember the review on Innosense’s demo CD that came out three years ago.
Their debut is a wonderful highlight of melodic Progressive Metal, so refreshing, modern and emotional that will definitely satisfy even the most demanding fan of the genre.

The band features one of my picks in vocals over the last years; I have said it before and will repeat it again: Vasilis Georgiou is one of the finest Prog vocalists that appeared in Greece, gifted with a sentimental voice in the vein of Roy Khan, something that add quality and expression in every band he participates in (he is also the singer in Black Fate, check out the review of their debut HERE). The band combined the dark vibes of the music with powerful parts, while the rhythm breaks and the catchy choruses showcases the bright road that that band is ready to follow

Just listen to the brilliant songs “Mystify”, “Release” and the unique ballad “Seasons Of Oblivion” in order to feel the passionate vocal lines, along with the wonderful music. All other seven tracks are so enjoyable, that leave me with no alternative than to name “Outcast” as the highlight debut of the year!

This is how sentimental Progressive Metal should be performed. I an sure that this CD will find its place in every discography that hosts some of the finest works of the genre.
Well done guys for forcing me to say: this is only the beginning of a bright band!

You can order the album through Steel Gallery Records.
Band’s facebook group
Dimitris Starakis

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