Saturday, April 28, 2007

Innosense, Frank Caruso, Rachel's Coven reviews

Innosense – Life Demo-CD

This Greek band released a two song demo and immediately showed the world that is ready to establish a qualitative name in the global Progressive Metal scene! The band was formed in Larisa, a town known in Greece for its great Metal heritage! Innosense are lucky enough to include in their marks a talented vocalist named Vasilis Georgiou. Vasilis is gifted with a warm, passionate and full of expression voice and he definitely fits to the atmosphere that both songs have. "On And On" enters with an acoustic melody and Vasilis' almost whispering vocals, while it upgrades in power with a melodic and catchy chorus. "The Fall" is again extremely passionate, melodic and complex at times with a bridge and a refrain which stayed in my mind for long! Vasilis' vocal intro reminds me a little bit of Roy Khan, so you know that an intense emotion is the main characteristic once again. The only complaint that I have is that Innosense released only two promising songs and left us starving for more wonderful musical moments from them! Guys don't be late! We wait for your follow-up! Contact Warcry Enterntaintment on how to obtain their debut demo: Band's mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

Frank Caruso – Kaleidoscope CD (Independent)

Frank is a known name if you're familiar with the Italian Metal scene. Having released 7 albums with Arachnes, his reputation has grown due to his skillful playing and time has come to test his abilities in a solo album. "Kaleidoscope" is an album featuring only two vocals songs (sang by his brother, Enzo Caruzo), out of which one is a cover on Rainbow's classic "Kill The King". Frank is definitely a guitarist who contributes some memorable melodies with intense neo-classical atmosphere, something that is clear from songs like the wonderful Red Passion (a lot of eastern musical influences are included here). Frank's influences are coming form the 70's, especially from bands like Deep Purple(check out "Ice Of Fire") and end up to great guitar heroes like Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine, Vinnie Moore, Joe Satriani and others as well. The positive thing is that Frank doesn't end to be a copying machine; he has some fresh ideas and the albums flows very easily for the listener. The songs are not intended for musicians only. Their structure refers to songs that could have easily included vocals, so don't hesitate to purchase it, if instrumental albums are not so easy-going for your ears. Apart from my favorite "Red Passion", I couldn't stop listening several times to songs like "Shadows", the emotional "Adagio", "Lobotomy". So, grab your car, enter the fast lane and explode your car's speakers with Frank's music! Check out his profile at: Arachnes web-site:
Dimitris Starakis

Rachel's Coven – S/t CD (Independent)

When it comes to the U.S. Underground scene, you must always be prepared for hidden treasures that are always coming forward and surprise us! Rachel's Coven is another brilliant U.S. Power Metal band that released a wonderful debut and I'm sure that this is only the beginning! Having a vocalist named Bill McKeen with a strong, powerful but at the same time melodic voice (sometimes he reminds me of Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin of JAG PANZER!) and guitarist Jason Corrick who is a real virtuoso, Rachels Coven really put their name on the map and they surely met our expectations! It's crystal clear for the opening song "Night Flyer" that the band can amaze every U.S. Power metal fan! Pounding rhythm parts, melodic riffs, neo-classical and crystal clear solos and of course a voice that adds greatness to the band's sounds is the picture that Rachel's Coven gives to the listener. Their debut CD has quite numerous highlights to choose as favorites: "Reign" has a wonderful opening riff and the atmosphere of the song is ultra heavy, with pounding riffage and wonderful vocals! "How Long" is the band's melodic moment, with a brilliant chorus and solos that makes the listener to catch his breath! "The Call" and "Never" are quite powerful, with the second one to have more groovy chorus, but always being extremely heavy!"Scarlet Night" is my personal favorite, since it's the band's Metal hymn! It's truly the most intense and pompous track of the album and its chorus is surely a killer!!! "Straight Between The Eyes" is another ace of the band and a true U.S. Power Metal celebration! Fans of Jag Panzer and of the U.S. scene, this is for you! I really hope that everything will go well for this talented band, since I think that this is only the beginning! The best is yet to come! Check Rachel's Coven mySpace profile and find out how you can order their CD:
Dimitris Starakis

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Jason Corrick said...

Thank you very much! Regarding "Scarlet Night", i would have to agree with you, this metal hymn challenges the listen to prepare for the battle and struggle externally against the hateful negative forces for which we must overcome and carry on. Prepare to live each day as if its your last, give them hell and have no regrets! Kick some ass or stay in bed! Hopefully 2018 shall bring about the return of "Rachels Coven" with the long awaited sophmore release.