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Powervice, Crystal Tears, Ofsoski, Mythodea Project reviews

Powervice - Demo CD (Independent)
I must confess that I had a long time to receive such a blast with a demo release. But the Dutchmen POWERVICE really blew my mind! 3 songs full of powerful melodies and great Heavy Metal might will guarantee to make your ears bleed! If you like listening to original Heavy Metal with Maiden-ish influences and soaring vocals, then one word is enough: POWERVICE. Personally, I believe that the biggest "weapon" of the band is the voice of Rogier "Stocky" Stockbroeks, who really has a voice that can offer much to scene and give the push that the band needs. Since this demo is already sold-out, try to find it in local stores throughout the internet, but don;t feel bad if you can't get it. Powervice have just started recordings for their debut full-length album!! If I had to choose one songs from this demo, I would choose...two: "The End Is Coming" and "Nightstalker"! Let's hope that they'll finish it soon, so that we can have in our hands another great piece of Meat...errr...Metal I meant ..!!!
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Dimitris Starakis

Crystal Tears – Choirs Of Immortal CD
(Pure Steel Records)

After 4 years of "creative silence", Crystal Tears strike back (after three demo releases) with a CD that will definitely be one of my highlights of the year that's leaving in a few days! To be absolutely honest with you, when I opened the CD's booklet and realised that the vocals were handled by a female singer, and then I instantly thought that Crystal Tears went "operatic"! How fool I was! The band delivers pure Power/Speed Metal, influenced by the 80's U.S. Metal Scene but also they include some Maiden-ish traces, mostly in their mid-tempo songs. I need to comment Natasa Pandreia's vocals: Definitely one of the best female voices I ever listened to!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! You won't believe your ears!!! Maybe she is the European answer to the mighty Leather Leone (of Chastain fame) !!!! Natasa tears her throat apart in songs like "Nightmare Terror" (Speed Metal brainwasher!), while in the songs "When The Night Is Cold" and "Megas Alexandros" (Greeklish f?r "Alexander The Great", originally the song is credited as "??G?S ?????????S" she tried to me more sentimental, while still her soaring vocals are perfect! Another thing that I enjoyed in the CD is the pretty nice guitar parts of Dimitris Goutziamanis. Dimitris' style is quite melodic and powerful, while his arpeggio's are giving that "virtuoso" feel that I enjoy listening to. Last but not least, I would like to ask you to pay attention to the song "Rock Survivors", one of the greatest hymns ever written by a Greek band the last couple of years! A song destined to become a classic and will surely melt the brains of everyone that will attend a Crystal Tears' concert! No, you won't find any drawbacks on this release, so get a copy in order to enjoy pure Power/ Speed Metal…the Greek Way!!!
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Dimitris Starakis

Ofsoski - Tracks from forthcoming album
OFSOSKI is the creation of Richard Ofsoski, a guitarist born in New Zealand that aims to show the world his way of creating music. The first track I ever listened from Ofsoski was the song "Flame" and to be honest with you, I sang its chorus for days! "Flame" has a cathy tune played in keyobards and an intense baroque atnosphere, making the song a true hit! "Haunted" is faster, keyboard -oriented and heavier, but it stills features the classical atmosphere, while Ofsoski's voice is once again leaving his mark. Richard also contributes the guitar parts, so I think that the scene welcomes a creative multi-instrumentalist! "Termination" is a a straight-edged track, with Richard' vocals combined with a female voice in the bridge lines and the result brings heaviness with melody together. Overall, the result from Ofsoski's forthcoming debut leaves me with the anticipation of getting it soon! This solo effort is destined to reach the stores in the beginning of 2007, so stay tuned for further news! Check Ofsoski's profile:
P.S.: Richard Ofsoski also sings in the band named SEDITION, which was re-builted in 2005. The demo recordings are progressing and maybe the band will be ready soon for complete recordings. Check Sedition's profile:
Dimitris Starakis

Christos Nikolaou - Mythodea project

It's pretty amazing when you see young musicians having ambitions and creative ideas! One of them is surely Christos Nikolaou, a guitarist from Greece who had the idea of creating a project named Mythodea. Being influenced by virtuoso guitarists such as Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Michael Romeo and Paul Gilbert, but adding his own expression on his compositions, Mythodea is a neo-classical metal project that will receive much attention when it will be completed. Having listened to 4 songs, I noticed a majestic and pompous atmosphere which includes the brilliant voice of Bill Axiotis (PHANTOM LORD, PERPETUAL, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, etc.)! Bill surely contributed some fine vocal lines and Christos' idea to include him in the line-up was succesful, since perfect vocals with flashy and emotional guitar solos is the key to a great effort! I must also note that the track "Echoes OF Eternity" is a 12-minute opus, featuring five singers (!), so it's really nice to listen to the voices combined with the inspiring music!
As I mentioned before, Mythodea is not completed yet, but I am really looking forward to see it (and listen to it) complete, since the ideas behind the songs are really refreshing!
Visit Christos Nikolaou profile and check the sound samples:
Dimitris Starakis

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