Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gray Broderick - Realms OF Fire CD review

Gray Broderick – Mythic Realms CD (Mythic Force Records)
I am always delighted when I get to receive efforts from musicians I truly appreciate. “Realms Of Fire” is another instrumental CD that features the wonderful melodies of Gray’s talent. What I always notice in Gray’s works is that the album flows and each and every song has something to add to the listener’s joy! "Realms of Fire" includes a variety of songs, from fast-paced Neoclassical pieces like “Requiem”, “The Castle” and the self-titled track to outstanding emotional tracks like my favourites “Twilight Prelude” and “Golemn”. It so rare nowadays to discover a guitarist that can compose memorable riffs in each and every song he records and Gray is definitely one of the few chosen ones. The dreamy atmosphere that his albums reflect made me a fan of his work and I am sure that the same feeling will also have every person that purchased his albums. I’ve heard from many people that Neoclassical music has become a cliché and the guitarists that follow this style are becoming more and more repeatable. Well, “Realms Of Fire” proves them wrong! Always support musicians that do not follow the current trends and decide not to follow the direction of the “blowing wind”. I strongly encourage Gray to form a band and compose some vocal songs since. I am sure that the final result will be astonishing! You can check his mySpace profile: and find the links where his CD’s are being sold. Gray is also selling his songs through iTunes. His personal web-site:
Dimitris Starakis

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