Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pandora’s Box – S/t CD review

Pandora’s Box – S/t CD (Independent)

Formed in 2002 by keyboardist Achilleas Mochloulis and guitarist Loukas Avgerinos, Pandoras Box managed to release their first CD 4 years later. While the band suffered from constant line-up changes, they remained is a stable musical style, which is quite lyrical and melodic, with guitars and keyboards mixing and creating a dreamy atmosphere. Passion is vividly reflected in their songs and they try to stay focused on that, instead of composing songs that are “dry” and uninspiring. In the CD, the listener can meet Melodic Power Metal songs like “Into Your Eyes” and “Last Time” but also more Progressive compositions like the instrumental series “White Saga” (the second part is quite impressive!). The band is also experimenting in “Fairy” by adding some folk elements in their music and due to the fact that Giorgo’s voice is quite sentimental, they surely add points to their abilities. One strong example is “Crimes Of Love”, an atmospheric melodic Metal anthem with pompous keyboard parts and acoustic guitars mixing with “electricity”. The result is wonderful and definitely that particular song is the band’s strongest hit. Pandora’s Box, along with Ragenheart represents the “New Wave Of Melodic Metal” in Greece, except that Pandora’s Box also include some Hard Rock and AOR elements to their sound. It’s so nice to meet a band with reflected passion in their songs and I really wish to remain faithful in their style because there are really good in what they do! The band now has a new vocalist and they are working on new material, so check their mySpace profile at: http://www.myspace.com/pandorasboxgreece
Dimitris Starakis

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