Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cauldron – Into The Cauldron review

Cauldron – Into The Cauldron mini-CD (Basement Metal)

From the ashes of the Canadian Thrash band Goat Horn, a powerful Metal trio has risen to conquer the Metal World! Cauldron is a Power/Speed Metal trio with high voltage songs and break-neck rhythms that will definitely spread their reputation rapidly. The band recently performed live in “Up The Hammers” festival in Athens and everyone was extremely satisfied after their concert. That means a lot. From the very first notes of “The Striker Strikes”, it’s obvious that the band is full of energy and passion for high-octane Metal. The song has furious speed breaks and its ideal for a concert opener! “Into The Cauldron” is not so fast, but its structure is based into NWOBHM forms (Jason Decay’s voice sounds also pretty “British”). “Restless” is way too melodic for fans of Speed Metal but I have to say that is the song that will definitely become one of the band’s strongest hits. I personally love its melodies! The track which stands last in order is “Torture’s Too Kind” which combines speed with galloping riffs. Once again the vocal lines are catchy, while Ian Killpatrick, the guitarist of the band, contributes some highlighted solos, due to its wonderful performance. He is indeed a musician to notice and, to be honest, you don’t meet easily so skillful players in this genre. I got a bang out of their debut and I am sure that you’ll do also. Visit the band’s mySpace profile: http://www.myspace.com/cauldronmetal and find out how you can obtain their mini-CD
Dimitris Starakis

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