Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CHIBI RARI – “Ichimaime” Mini-CD review

CHIBI RARI – “Ichimaime” Mini-CD

Chibi Rari is a young and talented Power Metal band from the land of the rising sun. “Ichimaime” is their first effort and it features the female vocals of Akeno which definitely makes their sound different. Don’t expect any goth-type vocals here; Akeno’s voice is quite clean, deep and melodic and if you are familiar with the Japanese language then you’ll definitely like also her skills. I’m telling this because 99% of the lyrics are written in Japanese, something common for native Japanese bands. The opening track "比翼の眷族" and also "イシスの言霊" are Power/Speed Metal songs with strongly Neo-classical based riffs and they really go right with their style. But it’s not only speed the band’s greatest advantage. "いつか・・・" is quite melodic and sentimental at the same time. If you go through their songwriting, you can realize that Chibi Rari is a band which surely stands to reason in composing memorable and solid tracks in the future. The musicians are quite skillful (I really enjoyed Umihiko’s guitar solos) and since they’re young of age, the future belongs to them! I would only suggest them to start writing songs in English language, because they can surely spread their name outside the Japanese borders. Check their web-site and send them an e-mail to find out who you can obtain their debut: http://www.geocities.co.jp/MusicStar-Bass/6244/

Dimitris Starakis

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