Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yakamashii – 4 song promo CD review

Yakamashii – 4 song promo CD (Independent Release)

If you are searching for undiscovered bands that come from overseas, then the quest can be hard, long and sometimes unsuccessful. I had this feeling when I first heard about "Kai Hernando", a virtuoso from Singapore who was extremely talented and had already released some stuff. I started searching for Kai's works but I couldn't find a decent sample of his work! Finally and, after thanking God for mySpace, I was able to contact a band named Yakamashii. Yakamashii was really kind enough to send me their first two albums, entitled "Insomnia" and "Durjana". "Insomnia" was released on 2001 and "Durjana" 4 years later. The band's style can be characterized as raw-sounding Power Metal with Neoclassical metal elements, when time comes for Amy to contribute his blistering solos. I truly admire his style of playing, since it gives the band the necessary amount of melody in order to create a worth-mentioning style. Lately, Yakamashii (which means 'noisy' in Japanese) released a four track promo CD in their struggle to break the boundaries of Singapore and expand their reputation abroad. The CD begins with "Kau Tak Peduli" a Power Metal song with melodic chorus and Amy's brilliant solo to make the difference once again! "Epik Wira Rimba" is a technical Thrash song, while "Azab" once again is full of powerful riffing and wonderful guitar melodies. The promo CD ends with the song "Fight" (featuring English lyrics), my favorite Yakamashii song, which includes a fantastic riff (Amy is a true virtuoso) and is ideal for the band's musical style. If Yakamashii improve in the vocal section, then I am pretty sure that they will create some quite memorable albums. I fully support Amy's musical ideas and I am sure that in the near future, this talented guitarist will increase his worldwide fans. Contact the band and obtain their promo CD! Band's profile: http://www.myspace.com/yakablast

Dimitris Starakis

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