Monday, December 22, 2008

Zyphoyd – Prelude to The Storm Demo review

Zyphoyd – Prelude to The Storm Demo CD

It’s been a long time since I last met a dual-guitar attack project and Zyphoyd really caught my attention since the very beginning. I was a listener through their mySpace profile and was able to witness how the band progressed in terms of composing songs. Finally, their first instrumental demo is out and I am definitely pleased from the final result. Glen Sambrook and Kieran Larkey from New South Wales, Australia are two gifted guitar players and composers, if you can understand the true meaning of these words. The band’s style is really diverse and this fact gives the listener an enjoyable effort with the lack of dull moments. From the storming opening song to the deeply emotional “Key of Destiny”, Zyphoyd prove that qualitative instrumental music is here and can surely have a place in every metal fan’s discography. Their enthusiasm is obvious and I am sure that both can also compose even more interesting songs in the near future. If you enjoy Progressive instrumental music with Neo-classical and Eastern influences, then Zyphoyd is the latest hot name in the scene! Well done guys, we need your music. Always believe in your talent! Band’s mySpace profile:

Dimitris Starakis

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