Monday, July 6, 2009

Wicked Waltz – New Track “Man Made Faith” review

Wicked Waltz – New Track “Man Made Faith”
The talented band from the US strikes back with a newly recorded track! I was really curious to witness their comeback after their magnificent debut mini-Cd “Chapter 1”. “Man Made Faith” showcases the heavier side of the band, with Jason delivering some high-pitched vocal lines, deeply influenced from Rob Halford. Wicked Waltz proves once again that their talent is multi-dimensional and can compose astonishing melodic Metal songs, but also Molten Metal dynamites! I was completely satisfied from the pompous structure of the song and I can already imagine how perfectly the song will fit the band’s live playlist! Well done guys!
I contacted guitarist Micah in order to ask his opinion about the new recording and here’s what he replied: “We had a lot fun recording this song in the studio. Of course being in the studio is always a blast. When you're in there you are able to get a better grasp of the song and are able to come up with different ideas to improve it. We tried a couple new things to give this new recording a different feel than our previous CD (Chapter 1). There's just something about being in the studio that makes feel good about what you’re doing. And of course it feels really good to have people sending us messages wanting to hear the new song. We just hope everyone enjoys it.
There are no release plans for our new material for the time being. We honestly did this mostly for ourselves and to give people a taste of things to come. We have a lot more music to be heard and we will try to get as much done as we can afford. And when we able to have more songs recorded we will release a new CD for everyone to have”. Band’s website: band’s mySpace profile:
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