Friday, July 10, 2009

Leviathan are back with a reunion concert and a live CD/DVD

Yes it's true! The wettest dream of all Progressive Metal fans will become reality!
On September the 19th,
Leviathan will be playing a reunion show in Colorado, USA! Featuring vocalist Jeff Ward and John Lutzow along with ronnie Skeen on guitars, the majestic band will record the show and plans to release it also on CD and DVD format!!
The set list, according to John Lutzow, is shaping up to look like this:

Friends imaginary
Census of stars
Speed kills
Degenerating paradise
confidence not arrogance
if walls could talk
fear of change
run forever
mindless game control

and bonus

Turning up broken

John Lutzow is taking already requests about pre-ordering or adding more info about the forthcoming Leviathan re-awakening release on: Feel free to e-mail him and express your support to the mighty Leviathan!!!!!!

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panos83 said...

ελα δημητρη πως παει? ειμαι ο παναγιωτης που τα λεγαμε στο ελλαδα πολωνια! τσεκαρα το σαιτ και πρεγματικα εχω να πω οτι κανεις εξαιρετικη δουλεια! κανε και κανα αφιερωμα στην χαρντ ροκ σκηνη για μας τους λιγουσ φαν που εχουμε μεινει! με εβαλες στο τρυπακι να ψαξω αυτα που ειχα γραψει κ εγω παλιοτερα... stay heavy!