Saturday, April 18, 2009

Timefall - Into The Shadows CD , Your Days Were Mine Mini-CD reviews

Timefall - Into The Shadows CD, Your Days Were Mine mini-CD
What an encouraging fact to witness newcomer Power / Prog Metal bands that their talent is taken under serious consideration! Timefall is one of the highlights of the previous year, since they released a brilliant EP, which made every fan of their music to long for a full-length album! The band was formed in the summer of 2006 and the following year they released their debut entitled “Into the Shadows”. Their style is quite melodic Power Metal music and a vocalist (Jonathan Tatum) that is expressive and quite talented. “Into the Shadows” features the 18-minute long epic track “The Last Day on Earth” which showcases the band’s abilities and highlights the essence of a project free from musical boundaries. Definitely a noticeable debut.However, the big step forward for Timefall is their newest EP “Your Days Were Mine”. Unfortunately, the EP includes only two songs, but despite its minimal content, it can easily win the prize of the “EP of the year”! Wonderful musicianship from all band members, full of passion and faultless playing! I was happy to witness that the self-titled track combines the Power Metal might along with Progressive Metal parts, more vivid than their debut. The band still focuses on melody and emotion through their music and this is clearly reflected on the amazing song “If I Failed”, a composition full of Eastern influences (a musical direction that I always adore and Timefall also adopted in the song “Betrayer” from their debut EP). The guitar wizardry of Matt Sheperd and the tremendous vocal abilities of Jonathan Tatum form a powerful duet full of talent and multidimensional abilities, so note down their names; they’ll increase their fame really soon! Power/Prog Metal devotees must discover and support Timefall since they can offer much to the scene and can build a great career next to British bands like Balance Of Power, Threshold and others as well. Check out their website: Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis
P.S.: Jonathan will also be singing in Eumeria’s debut …check out his amazing vocal performance in the song "Heirs Of Peril":

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