Friday, March 20, 2009

Max The Axe’s Blazing Star – II Demo CD review

Max The Axe’s Blazing Star – II Demo CD

The project of Max The Axe, a truly gifted guitarist from Italy has sent me its second demo CD and I was really happy to witness the great progression of the band! First of all, Alessio Vanni handles the vocal parts of the songs and his abilities meet the expectations of the qualitative music that Max composes. The band’s style remain stable, with a delicate balance between Neoclassical and melodic Metal, including extraordinary guitar parts that only a true virtuoso with a Fender Stratocaster can create! As soon as I listened to the magnificent song “Ice & Stone”, I realized that this band can surely give a refreshing perspective to the scene, by composing wonderful tracks, influenced by the great masters of the genre (Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen). There are truly 8 faultless tracks in this demo and I am really glad that my wish about the progress of the band has been fulfilled! Even the song “Love Criminal 2008”, which has been re-recorded from the first demo, is definitely now a truly “upgraded” version. The listener can also recognize the intense Rainbow influence on “Excalibur”, while the sentimental “Still Holding On” features contrabassist Michelangelo Zorzit (former bassist of the Prog Rock band Hopo). I really can write pages and pages for the wonderful songs of this demo, since the musicianship is on the highest level! If you like pompous, grandiose Neoclassical Metal with fine vocals and over the top guitar performance, then this demo CD is a top pick! Symphonia, Andy Sartori & Symphony, Steve Shannon, Zyphoyd, Hidden Disturbances and now Max The Axe’s Blazing Star, are artists that give new breeze to the Neoclassical Metal genre! Order the CD by sending an e-mail to the band: Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

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