Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky CD review

Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky (Retroactive Records)
It’s been always a pleasure to receive new efforts from some favorite bands of mine, and Faith Factor is placed among my top picks. The Christian Metal band from New Jersey raised our expectation with their brilliant demo “07/07/07” and their full-length CD is once again a fine piece of qualitative US Power Metal. The band is truly gifted, having a frontman like Ski, who’s once again giving lessons of an original Metal performer. His deeply expressional voice give the needed might to the songs and delivers the Heavy Metal message in the song “Keep It True”! The fans of the band will be definitely satisfied with hymns like “Ascend Unto Heaven”, Armor Of God” and others, while I must admit that I am dying to witness this band performing live! The metallic might that this CD delivers is beyond words and expressions and only the listener can witness its magic! Ski’s voice is well-known to the fans of Deadly Blessing and his significant high-pitched tone fits perfectly to the hard and pounding Power Metal anthems! A bombastic atmosphere spreads throughout the album, which can be considered as a true value of US-Metal. Yes, Faith Factor can be already placed among the living legends of the scene, since their beliefs about Heavy Metal music remained faultless throughout the years! Allow me to show them my commitment and I have no other choice than to strongly suggest you to support them! Band’s website: Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

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