Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ashen Reign – Immortality CD review

Ashen Reign – Immortality CD (Independent Release)

This is an one-man project, found by Brent McDaniel and with the help of Vance McCumber formed and forged ahead. Brent McDaniel actually did all the drums, guitars, vocals, harmonies, keyboards, bass, recording and mixing. The melodic Heavy / Power Metal songs that “Immortality” includes are overpowered by the wonderful, solid and skillful guitar playing, by unleashing great riffs and pretty noticeable solos. I believe that Brent will try to find an appropriate singer for his next album, in order to send his songs to the next level. “The Fire Within” “Immortality” “Running Away” and other songs as well will be handled much better if they were sang by a better singer, so I am pretty sure that Brent will definitely search for a singer in his follow-up. Many congratulations to this “lonely hero” for his passion to release an album and I am sure that the fans will support him in order to give him the necessary courage to continue his “Metallic Quest”. "Immortality" is available through CDBaby (, but you can also find more info here:
Dimitris Starakis

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