Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Symphonia – Satria Naga CD review

Symphonia – Satria Naga CD (Symphonia Musical Fidelity Inc.)

If you wonder what “Neoclassicism” really means, then the easiest way nowadays is to do a simple…web search! If you do it, you’ll definitely find something like this: “Speaking and thinking in English, "neoclassicism" in each art implies a particular canon of "classic" models”*. Neoclassical Metal was always based on structures that will never fade the test of time. Demanding, inspirational and highly qualitative, it is still considered the most demanding genre of Metal. A brief look to the artists that tried to “go by the Neoclassical book”, proves that talent mixes with excellent performance in order to create some advances musical forms.
When I discovered the band Symphonia, I was extremely surprised to witness that they were coming from Kuala Lumpur! It was a pleasant shock to see that Malaysia was lucky enough to present a wonderful Neo-baroque Metal band which will surely has the right to hope for success! Symphonia’s debut “Satria Naga” was released lately and includes 11 songs of bright virtuosity. Aman, the “brainchild” of the band has completely dedicated his musical studies in re-inventing traditional Neoclassical Metal and he surely has the class and the ability to compose songs with that significant guitar sound which always give a vibe of joy to the devoted followers of the scene! Apart from Aman’s amazing composing and playing abilities, Zul’s voice is smoothly fitted into the songs and gives the necessary strength contrast (sic) in the vocal lines, something that cannot be avoided in traditional Neoclassical Metal. Z9’s (strange nickname!) bass lines keep the rhythm going and provide an additional positive mark in the CD. The debut album from Symphonia is an enjoyment form the beginning to the very end and if you want to taste some of their greatness, just listen to the riff from “Wira” and you can immediately get the idea! The band is preparing their 2nd effort, which will include exclusively English-sung lyrics, sin hope that this will help the band to expand their reputation in many countries. I strongly suggest to each and every fan of this significant Metal to help these young musicians, since their enthusiastic beginning should be continued! Get all the necessary info on how to obtain their album on their mySpace profile: http://www.myspace.com/symphoniamalaysia
Dimitris Starakis

P.S.: The band is also participating in the “A Tribute to Yngwie.J.Malmsteen Project” album which is the 1st YJM tribute album from local Malaysian bands! Symphonia covers “Rising Force” and “As Above, So Below” and their performance is once again splendid!


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