Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ofsoski Interview

I always enjoy talking with multi-talented musicians, like Richard Ofsoski. His first solo CD "Later Than Never" was really promising as far as the future of this uprising artist, so I thought that he could share with us his opinion on several matters...

You got a courageous decision to release an album on your own. Why you decided that?
Ofsoski: Probably because in the past songs Ive written and recorded with other musicians never came out soundingthe way I wanted them to. I guess I'm a bad communicator haha, it's not their fault.Also I wanted an album that was just me so my children would be able to distinguish as being just their Dad. That's not to say I wont use other musicians on my next album because I probably will with the network of musician friends I now have. It is a hell of a lot of work doing it by yourself.

What were the impressions that you got from fans and press for your debut effort?
Ofsoski: It's been extroadinary really !! The album is not going to break any sales records being totally independent, but the feedback I've had has all been extremely positive .Initially I just wanted to do an album I could be proud of myself and if other people liked it then great. The great thing is my fanbase albeit small keep messaging wanting to know about what Im working on and how they cant wait for the next album which is extremely rewarding.I 'm starting to feel the pressure to finnish my next album haha and being a family guy it can be hard to find get enough time to do as much as you would like.

Which is your favorite track of the album and why?
Ofsoski: Probably 'Flame' although there are some others pretty close to it. I guess because it has all the elements I like in music.It has a nice majestic type classical sounding theme, heavy riffing, progressive elements, shred guitar and I dont seem to get tired of It. It takes me to a nice place.

Symphonic, Neo-classical, Baroque-ish Hard Rock and Metal are the best words in my opinion to define your musical style. Why you chose this particular style to express yourself?
Ofsoski: You're pretty much on the money there I think. I have been a fan of many styles of melodic style metal for years now andI guess that has rubbed off on my writing style. Also a big fan of classical style melody and mystic type themes and I think this style of music helps me to express my true self.

Which are you main musical influences?
Ofsoski: I listen to a lot of melodic metal which can cover a wide range. I grew up loving Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Judas Priest, Kiss, Metallica, Whitesnake etc. and also dig a lot of the newer stuff like Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. I also really love Bach and Vivaldi and I guess a lot of these styles have rubbed off on me.

How difficult is for a musician in Australia to find some “partners in crime” that share the same musical taste?
Ofsoski: It's growing rapidly of late, we are having so many bands announcing tours, so its hard to keep up. It was pretty dead about 5 years ago but the new generation has really warmed to it. I've met a lot of people recently who share similar tastes in music.

If you had only one opinion in you career what would that be: singer or guitarist?
Ofsoski: Guitarist !! I only sang because I'd form or join a band and get lumbered with the job because they could never find anyone. I don't mind singing now but used to hate it because I just wanted to concentrate on guitar. Things have changed now and I quite enjoy fitting all the different instuments together it can be a lot of fun. I really don't even practise the guitar anymore unless I'm putting a solo together.

Is it true that you have already new material for a new solo effort? Tell me how it sounds like..
Ofsoski: Yes, it's pretty much written. I'm just refining and experimenting with things at present. Theres a wide variety of styles and grooves incorporating all the music elements that I like and I think the songs are very stong, If they weren't, I would scrap them. I'll have a demo mix on my mySpace profile very soon.

You are also a member of the band Sedition. Why you joined them and which are the main differences between your solo band,in terms of sound? I've been friends Ofsoski: With Sinclair the guitarist for a number of years and I knew he was having trouble finding a new singerfor the band. he had started demo recordings for the new album so I offered to help him out singing on the demos untilhe could find someone permanent. He had never heard me sing before and really liked how my voice fitted into the music andasked me to join. I was a bit sceptical at first because I wouldnt be able to commit fully but its turned out ok and has been lots of fun performing live with the guys. Sedition is a bit different to my solo stuff, it has more of an old school thrashy style edge to it and a different songwriting of course.

Do you plan to include full-time members and do some touring as Ofsoski in the near future?Ofsoski: There will be other players on the next release. So far I'll be using Simon Polhil to do bass duties, he's a phenomenal player and great kid. Check out this link to a video of him playing http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.channel&ChannelID=111000312 .As far as playing live I'm starting to get asked this a lot so I may have to at some stage, especially if things keep going the way they are but it wont be until after the next album then we'll see what happens.

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