Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maestro – Diary Of A Vampire CD review

Maestro – Diary Of A Vampire CD (Independent Release)

Dany Milett is a rare singer by any means. Dany's vocal cords are very thin like a young boy and his larynx is smaller than a normal man. This has a result of producing some high pitched vocal lines, reaching also up to five octaves! His CD is more of a concept album, with songs based on lyrically on vampirism, was released in 2005 and reflects Danny’s passion for Power Metal with many Neo-classical elements. One bright example of my saying is “To My Mentors”; its melodic riff is ideal for the fans of this musical style and Dany’s voice is expressive, contributing the ideal atmosphere to this song. Dany is definitely gifted and reveals his abilities on the CD, but I have the opinion that he must control his falsetto, since there are times in a few songs in which he is exaggerating. On the other hand, when a gifted vocalist is releasing his debut solo CD, it obvious that he needs to showcase his abilities, by presenting a wide range of singing styles. His classical studies have also helped him to incorporate his classical oriented vocal attitude to his singing. As a songwriter, Dany does a fine job. Songs like the Heavy “Blood Hunt”, the brilliant “Burning Eternity” (my favourite track of the CD) and “Blood Bath” with the haunting riff really show his songwriting talent and his passion for quality Power Metal music. Each of the songs on “Diary Of A Vampire” showcases a riff that stuck in the listener’s mind, while the solos are enjoyable. I am pretty sure that Dany will be featured on many albums in the near future since his skills cannot be neglected. Remember his name, there’s surely a promising career for him. Check out Dany’s mySpace profiles: and
P.S.: I was later informed by Dany himself that Maestro Pero (guitarist) was the composer of the album "Diary Of A Vampire", so credit for the songwriting must go to him.
Dimitris Starakis

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