Thursday, June 28, 2007

Masa Fire Hoshino – Demo 2006 CD review

Masa Fire Hoshino – Demo 2006 CD

Japan has a great tradition when it comes to Melodic Metal. But. due to the fact that most bands sing in Japanese, their fame could not easily spread overseas. The great bands that emerged from the land of the rising sun are numerous to mention and thankfully we witness often new musicians appearing and adding some wonderful music to the country’s musical heritage. One of these promising musicians is Masaharu F. Hoshino, a guitarist who, after his graduation from the Guitar Institute Of Technology in Hollywood, started composing songs that ended up in his debut effort simply entitled “Demo 2006”. Masa didn’t include only instrumental tracks in this CD, but he also contributed mostly fine vocal songs, with the help of his friend Leo Loebenberg, who is also a student at the Vocal Institute Of Technology. Masa is a fan of Power Metal music and his passion is reflected on the songs he composes. “Engrave Your Names”, “At The Second Crossroads” and my favourite “Heavenwards” (yeap, the Neo-classical atmosphere here is quite intense, he, he!) are wonderful tracks with memorable riffs and fine vocal lines, something that proves that, apart from his excepted advanced guitar abilities, Masa is also a great composer, when it comes to Melodic Power Metal. There’s no way of listening to each song from Masa’s Demo and forgetting the basic riff and the main melody after each song is finished! Songs “Pop #001” and “Pop #002” are midi tunes in which Masa is trying to present a more melodic side of his songwriting. The song “Fire Ressurection” features some fine melodies and harmonies, but the death-like vocals are spoiling the whole result. I would love to listen to this song with “clean” vocals in it. As a conclusion, Masa Fire, who is currently searching for a band proves that he has a bright future ahead of him and I’m sure that we will witness his abilities in a proper band! Good Luck Masa! Check out his mySpace profile at: and e-mail him at:
Dimitris Starakis

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