Friday, June 19, 2009

Bracaglia - Falling Star review

Antony Bracaglia – Falling Star (Independent Digital Release)
I’ve been following Bracaglia’s steps since 2007 and finally I have been able to download four brilliant tracks from iTunes! His debut effort is entitled Falling Star and features the amazing vocal performance by Erika Tandy. Erika is known from her previous work in the Texan quintet Ignitor and currently handles the vocal parts in Poseidon’s Anger and Drifter – an Iron Maiden cover band. Another guest-star is the gifted keyboard player Michael Troy, who currently tours and records with the one and only Yngwie J. Malmsteen! Bracaglia’s and Troy’s explosive guitar and keyboard duel is reflected in the two instrumental tracks Frenetic” and Thermopylae”, with the outcome being extraordinary!

I was able to scrutinize “Falling Star” and I am pretty sure that Bracaglia is ready to conquer the global Neoclassical Metal scene. Relentless guitar work, flashy neoclassical solos filled with inspiring arpeggios and that distinctive Fender Stratocaster sound give the fans what they really need. Erika’s vocal lines in the song “Falling star” are truly out of this world and surely make her a worthy candidate for the Female vocalists’ Hall Of Fame! Don’t expect any operatic vocals here, Erika delivers a harsh, wide range voice that is ideal for such a demanding music! The same atmosphere is met in the fast-paced “Live By The Sword” in which the combination of thundering, metallic vocals, virtuoso guitar work and wonderful keyboard intro completes a true metal hymn! The only thing that Bracaglia should improve in the future is the production, since his compositions should have a better sound. I am pretty sure that if he signs a record deal, then the world will welcome an inspiring and amazing guitar hero! Support this multi-talented artist (Bracaglia also creates custom overdrive pedals!) and buy his music either from iTunes or from

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Max said...

I discovered Bracaglia testing some custom guitars on youtube a couple of years ago, I'm really happy to know about his cd!!!!

He's a real axe master, I wish him the VERY BEST.

Max from Blazing Star