Saturday, October 4, 2008

Black Sun - Rebirth Cd review

Black Sun – Rebirth CD (Independent Release)

It’s always wonderful to witness some Hellenic band to unleash their brand new stuff! Blacksun was formed in 1993 by Minas P. (guitars) and Anthony A. (drums). After a while Konstantinos Dratzides (bass) joined the band. On April 1994 the band released the debut five track demo-tape called "Blacksun. After two years the second, three-track demo-tape titled "Through Storm We Ride" was out. The atmosphere was more epic in that three-track release. The band went on with session musicians but the result was disappointing. After one year Anthony and Konstantinos rejoined the band. Two new members joined the band as well, Nikos Filippas (Vocals), Nikos Koulelis (Bass). With the new line-up created their third attack called "Crystal Edge of Time" in cd this time. The music of the band turned to be more melodic but heavy metal as well. The band pauses its activities until 2001 when the simply titled"Promo-cd 2001" was out and a change in the band sound was now a reality, since their musical landscapes were more atmospheric. Blacksun’s first cd titled “Tragaedia Eternal” came out on 2006 and it was the band’s most “depressed” release. Now, with the addition of Airged Lamh’s vocalist Steve Vernando, the band from Aigaleo chose to follow a more melodic and straightforward path in the musical quest. There are no dark parts in “Rebirth” or female vocal parts and the guitars simply show the way with delightful melodic riffs. I enjoyed the four tracks that appear on this release and I think that all of them stand on the same, high level. I you enjoy melodic metal with well-executed music from experienced musicians that now how to create interesting music, then give no second thought on purchasing this effort! Band’s website : Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

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