Saturday, August 2, 2008

Forgotten Realm – Power And Glory CD review

Forgotten Realm – Power And Glory CD (Sonic Age Records)

Yes, yes, yes, at last this album is out! I was pretty desperate from the delay of its release but now I hold it in my hands and yes, this is an album destined for the top! Forgotten Realm is an all-star band featuring the one and only David Fefolt, who contributes some magnificent vocal work on bands like Valhalla, Masi and Hawk, while the guitars are handled by Matthew Mills. I will not write my opinion about Matthew since this blog is full of his majestic releases and of course his interviews. The drum kit features another professional musician who is none other than Rhino, known from his cooperation with Manowar. So, when you get an album with such talented musicians, then the result is destined to become a classic album. “Path To The Fire” opens the album, a known track since Matthew posted it some years ago in a music web-site, so those who have listened to it before know what to expect. The others must be prepared for a splendid Power Metal hymn, full of flashy leads and out-of-this-world vocal performance!! “Time” is the second song of the album and once again one of their most inspiring compositions, while “Eyes Of My Soul” is a Neoclassical opus with David leaving me with my mouth open! This man is truly one of the greatest singers of all time; simple as that! Shattered Horizons was originally a mid-tempo instrumental track that was also featured in Matthew’s solo CD “Neoclassical Rock Guitar”. Now it features David’s vocals and it’s simply marvelous! A true Neoclassical Metal Hymn! The same stand for “Forgotten Realm” the 7min and 41sec grandiose song. “On Wings Like The Eagles” is the emotional songs of the album, a ballad in which the band really knows how to express their emotions and Matthew delivers also some wonderful riffs in that song as well! “Forged In Steel” is another Power Metal attack, while Freedom Calls is another fast-paced song with a sing-along chorus. The CD ends with a cover on Rainbow’s classic “Man Of The Silver Mountain”-the Neoclassical version! “Power And Glory” is a classic album as I said earlier so be sure to obtain it, in order to feel the magic! Order it through Sonic Age Records: Band’s mySpace profile:

Dimitris Starakis

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