Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Vengeful Few – S/t CD review

The Vengeful Few – S/t CD (Beagleator Music)

I still remember when I visited the band’s mySpace profile and listen to their songs. The band delivers well-executed, melodic and most of all, traditional Heavy Metal that is so hard to present it so fresh nowadays! I was really surprised that this U.S. quintet that was formed in 2004 by guitar players Tom Catuosco and John Zambri in Morris County, NJ knows how to make the listener listen to this album again and again! Wonderful tracks like “Get Us Out”, “Circle Of Seven” are maybe ideal for bring them live on stage, so I suggest to all European promoters to address the bands for some European dates and then even more people can surely appreciate their talent! Razor-sharp and memorable riffs, a great voice (Keith Vitali is also a member of the band “Gods Of Fire”) and most of all wonderful songs is what you get in this debut, so be sure that The Vengeful Few are here to stay for a long time with such a talent on their marks! Their CD is distributed through various on-line shops, so get more info on their website: Band’s mySpace profile:

Dimitris Starakis

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