Monday, August 13, 2007

Ofsoski – Later Than Never CD review

Ofsoski – Later Than Never CD (Independent)

When I first reviewed Ofsoski’s promo tracks, I then stated that the scene welcomed a creative multi-instrumentalist. When I listened to his debut album, I can now strongly support the opinion that Richard is indeed a gifted man! Ten tracks of Neo-classical / Symphonic Metal filled with well-crafted melodies and intense feelings rule the album which really is labeled as "high-quality". In my previous review, I expressed my admiration to the wonderful song titled “Flame”. Now, along with “Flame”, I was surprised from another hymn which will be greatly received from every Neo-classical Metal aficionado! “Quest” is definitely once again one of the greatest songs composed this year in the genre and believe me, you don’t have to be a wise man of music to compose it; what is needed is inspiration and passion for what you do. Well, Richard combines both. From the sharp and melodic riffs he composes to his harsh and melodic voice, it clear that he must form a band in order to perform his songs with an overall better sound and of course get the distribution and attention he deserves. “Later Than Never” is an album destined to establish Richard’s fame and I believe that his next step will feature full-time members in his band. Highly recommended release! Check Ofsoski's profile in order to find out how you can order the album:
Dimitris Starakis

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